Fort Vypeen, where history is still alive, is separated from Fort Kochi by Historic shipping channel of Port of Kochi.This is where Portuguese came and settled down in 15th century; wars between Portuguese & Dutch, Dutch & English took place. 400 year old Portuguese build Vypeen Church is a mute spectator of all these history.

The Bungalow Heritage Homestay is one of the historical buildings of Fort Vypeen, along with Vypeen Church and its Chinese fishing nets. Built in 1930, this heritage building of Vypeen is a mixture of Portuguese, Dutch & Kerala architectures.

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Learn Kerala Cuisine with Neema
World came to Kerala in search of spices. Now you are invited to experience the Taste of Kerala, its spices and the numerous ways of putting it to good use.So you can just turn your stay into an exotic cookery holiday of Kerala Cuisine with Neema...........

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There was a time when Ships set their sails to Kochi for spices
There was a time when World came to Kochi for her beauty
There was a time when Kochi was unhurried luxury
There was a time when Kochi was called Cochin
Re-live the old world charm that was Cochin
Right here at The Bungalow


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