Vypeen Island, where The Bungalow Heritage Homestay is located, is at the harbour mouth of the busy shipping channel with Fort Kochi on the other side, is famous for its historical buildings that includes The Bungalow, Chinese fishing nets and its meld of Portuguese, Dutch and English influences.

Vypeen Church: (Nossa Senhora de Esperança) was built in 1605, is just walking distance away from The Bungalow. 

Kochi International Airport:  38 Kms; a 40 minutes ride by cab.

Ferry Station for Boats to Fort Kochi & Ernakulam: 200 metres, less than 3 minutes to walk.

Fort Kochi: The famous Heritage zone of Fort Kochi is linked to Vypeen through a 5 minutes ferry. Its just 3 minutes by walk from The Bungalow to the ferry station. While crossing the ferry a picturesque view of Vypeen and Fort Kochi along with its Chinese fishing nets can be seen. Upon disembarking from Ferry at Fort Kochi, you will be right in the heart of Fort Kochi Heritage zone. All sights are with in walking distance. Ferry charge is INR 3/ person. Ferry runs from 0600Hrs to 2200Hrs. 

Down Town Ernakulam: is linked to Vypeen via Goshree bridges is 5 Km away OR by a beautiful 20 minutes ferry ride. This ferry ride gives a fantastic view of beautiful Harbour of Kochi. It is recommended that everyone should undertake this ferry ride at least once during their stay.

Railway Stations: Kochi is having two Railway stations. Ernakulam North (Town) station and Ernakulam South (Junction). Ernakulam North is 7 Km, a 15 minutes away and Ernakulam South Junction is 8 Km, a 20 minutes away from The Bungalow. 

Vallarpadam Church: the Original church was built by Portuguese missionaries in 1524. The original building was destroyed by floods in the 17th century and the present building was built in 1676. Vallarpadam Church is 2Kms away. The church itself is beautiful, but there is also another reason to visit this church, as it is having 2 towers and people are allowed to visit top of the western tower. Lifts (elevators) are provided. Once you reach top of this tower a fantastic view of Kochi city including Ernakulam, Vypeen, Fort Kochi, along with the container terminal can be seen. Worth a visit.

Cherai Beach: This lovely beach is an ideal spot for water sports, swimming and basking is 22Kms away.