Neema's Kitchen, where Indian cooking made Simple.

In the year 2016, I have separated Neema’s Kitchen from my homestay. For more details please visit Neema’s Kitchen website.

When everyone hears the word CURRY, their mind will be taken to Indian Cuisine. Many people around the world love Indian food but they don’t even think that they can make much tastier Indian food at home with ingredients available in their place!!!

From my experiences I have learned that Indian food is a process oriented cuisine, where steps are far more important than quantities!!! Yes…that is surprisingly true, its much more important to learn Kaise (how) rather than Kitna (how much) as the fundamentals of Indian Cuisine . In my class I take you through these steps so that you can make much better Indian Cuisines at home. Neema’s Kitchen is my initiative towards that. Welcome to my world of kitchen and experience it.

For more details please visit Neema’s Kitchen.

Neema’s Kitchen is NOT a cookery demonstration class but its a Hands on Experience of Indian Cuisine.

Main advantage of Hands on Experience is that a person becomes confident in using spices and find his/her own rhythm of using it. After all cooking is an art and I would love to call it A Food Symphony. I have seen this confidence in almost all my students after class. 

Normally I conducts two sessions a day. Morning session starts at 1030 Hours and ends by around 1330 Hours with lunch. Evening session starts at 1530 Hours and ends by around 1830 Hours with dinner. Advance booking is well recommended. For more details please visit “Cookery Class” page of Neema’s Kitchen website.